Feliz Cumpleaños Noah y Gael

Este video lo hice en memoria de mis hijos gemelos Noah y Gael quienes murieron el 5 de enero del 2012 por causa del Síndrome de Transfusión Feto Fetal.

Hoy están cumpliendo 2 años de vivir en el cielo y yo, todavía con mucho dolor por su partida, celebro los días que pude compartir con ellos hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar ❤ ❤

About This Pain

The Pain that visits me
Every once in a while,
The one that strangles my Heart
Until it bleeds out my Eyes.

The Pain that comes unexpected
In the most awkward of moments,
It comes to steal whatever joy
Is left inside my once naive Heart.

The Pain just shows up. Unannounced,
At my heart’s door. And pushes me back,
Where I cannot think straight, or move forward.
It just Is There. Everywhere. Like the sky.


Just because you aren’t here,
Doesn’t mean you’re not Somewhere.
Just because you’re not in my arms
Doesn’t mean Someone isn’t holding you tight.
Right Now.

Just because I can’t see you,
Doesn’t mean I can’t feel you.
Just because I can’t touch you,
Doesn’t mean you don’t exist.

Everyday, every minute you are Somewhere…
Not only in my mind and heart.

Just because I can’t see your movements,
Doesn’t mean you are not dancing Somewhere.
Busy with things,
other than my hugs and kisses.
Clutching Someone else’s hand.
Listening to Other voices sing you to sleep
in Heaven.

Or Somewhere, close.
To my Heart.

Just because you aren’t here,
Doesn’t mean you’re not Somewhere.